Eurobasket 2009. Day 8 Betting Tips

eurotalismanRussia – Macedonia

Looking into tournament results and level of the game Russia is clear favorite in this game. They have very good defense and discipline on the court is at high level. Players knows system very well and I am sure that David Blatt will prepare defensive schemes for Macedonia.. But who knows how this young russian team will play in the deciding game of the tournament? There is a chance of underestimation or just some psychological problems for russians and that can play a major role on the court.

Macedonia is experienced team relying mostly on their offensive skills. They have weak defense but very good 3-points shooting ability and if they will get their shot today on the court and will manage to stay in the game until last minutes everything is possible for them. This is a career-game for most of the macedonians players and I am sure that they will fight with sole until the end. It is not a game where they can lose without character like it happened against Greece and France. Tonight we will see a real level of Macedonia NT.

Russia can lose by 6 pts and hope that Croatia will manage to win against germans what is very possible. That is another motivation problem which can live in russian heads and not allow them to play at their real level. Let’s see what will happen but my choice here is over 144.5 but only with low-stakes as a TV-Pick (my line 146.5).

France – Greece

What a game! Inside attacking power of Greece versus most effective defense. Who will win? My answer – defense. But I am not completely sure which defense greeks or french…

France is better team at this moment which is improving game while Greece last games showed that they are no so great as many bettors think. It is still an 8-man rotation team with offense which works well only against weak defensive teams like Macedonia, Croatia or Israel. France defensive skills are much better and I expect Greece to have a tough game in offense tonight. The same I can say about France. France does not like to play in low pace and experience troubles against physically strong teams (and Greece is probably strongest team here).

So both offense should meet some serious problems and if France would not hit 13 pointers again than this game should end with 130-135 points. At least I expect to see low scoring game with both teams staying under 72 points.

Pick: under 143.5 @ 1.90 Bwin

Croatia – Germany

Croatia is much stronger team on the paper but does not show good team play for 40 minutes. But I like how Croatia matchup with Germany in defensive end and that should be a key for Croatia in this game. Germany still lacks an offensive power to win games while defensively for them will be very hard to defend under 75 points against croatian offense.

If Vujcic will get into form after 2 horrible matches Croatia should have an easy life here with 12-15 pts win. If not Vujcic is out of game again than game will more difficult but still the class of Croatia players should play a major role. Croatia (-6.5) or Under 148.5 are my TV-picks. My line (-8.5/144.5)

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