Euroleague. CSKA Moscow – Brose Baskets

Aaron JacksonTeams played two times in regular season. First game was a slow one (144 attacks, 161 possesions), but finished with 83:77 score. Second was a faster one (151 attacks) but with same amount of possessions (162) and teams showed huge offensive efficiency 100:88. What kind of game we can expect today?

Last time CSKA played in Megasport arena against Barcelona, they showed their will to entertain spectactors with high scoring basketball, but they made 55% of 3-pointers in that game. It’s hard to expect such scoring each game, but CSKA can do this… Brose defense is not so good as their numbers show. They have just 0.94 pts/poss. in defense and this is very average numbers. CSKA offense showed that they can explode and score 88+ against most of the opponents. They will get around 82 posessions, tonight but with De Colo back to the roster they should attack 85-90 range.

Will Brose score more than 75 points? It all depends on CSKA motivation to play in defense. CSKA opponents are 5-2 for over 75 points in Moscow, so Brose with their excellent shooting might score 75+ too. But the problem here is that they will get just 82 posessions to score 76 points and it means they should score with 0.92 pts/poss in offense…Bookmakers have set the right total here, because CSKA allows 0.93 and Brose scores 0.92 in average in away games.

We can’t go for over here due the low amount of possessions, and we can go for under because of CSKA ability to score with huge offensive numbers. It’s better to wait for in-play opportunities here. Brose to score over 75 points looks like most logical choice for pre-match betting, if you don’t like live bets.

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