CSKA – Panathinaikos. Game 2 Preview and Pick

jacskon cska rim

In Game 1 CSKA scored 93 points and made 52% of shots from 3pts line. PAO scored with their normal away percentage and finished with 66 points. They key point here is that CSKA did 80 possessions and PAO just 75. These numbers should not be much higher today.

Greeks should control ball in offense better to avoid easy points from fast breaks and force CSKA to play 5 on 5 in offense. This should keep game in slow mode, where CSKA offensive skills has less chances to explode like happened on Tuesday.

By the way last game was the worst one for PAO in defense this year. They allowed 1.18 pts/possession (0.95 pts/poss. in average away from home). It looks like mission impossible to hold CSKA offense under 1.00 pts/poss mark, but I am quite sure, that PAO defensively should be able to lock CSKA under 1.10 mark and keep them somewhere in 83-86 points range. On other side CSKA should continue playing solid defense, they showed in 2nd and 3rd quarter of Game 1 and hold opponents under 70 points again.

I expect 83-86 from CSKA and PAO to finish in 63-68 points range. I think it’s better to go with overall under here.

Pick: Under 153.5 @ 1.95 Pinnacle

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