Efes – Olympiacos. Game 3

Olympiacos will try to return home court advantage and take lead of the series. But does it worth to take them at this price?

Deshawn Thomas (Efes)As for the total statistical value is on OVER, but that’s only due crazy away games of Olympiacos against Unics, Milan, Baskonia and Panathinaikos, where was registered 1,22+ pts/attack efficiency. In other games their average was between 0,98 and 1,07 pts/attack. In the playoffs defense is extremely important, so I don’t expect to see ulra-high percentages here. And if game will be played withing normal percentages (up to 1,09 pts/attack) the total range would be 151-158 points.

In Game 1 & 2 Olympiacos was looking better, but collapsed at the end of Game 2. Again their offense stopped to work, just 46% from 2pts and 11/30 from 3pts were scored in that loss. And that was not enough for win, because Efes showed that they can score against Olympiacos defense as a team.

The outcome question is the air for me. Efes is same class team as Olympiacos and I can understand those who bet right now at Efes. Normally in such situation home team should get -4 handicap. But Olympiacos is one of the best road team s in Euroleague with 10-5 ATS record. They won all important road games this season and their defense should help them to return this series to Greece. The only question is that going to be today or on Friday.

I like chances for over here, but there is no value at 153 line. It’s more gambling than betting trying to predict the percentage. As for the outcome I think we should wait for the winner name today and lay it on Friday. This series should return to Greece next week.


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