Euroleague Playoffs. Game 1. Tuesday

lull-handsWelcome to Euroleague playoffs! Great time, peak of the season and great basketball on TV, but unfortunately there are less and less opportunities for betting. At least for tonight I don’t see any good bets.

Real Madrid – Olympiacos

Last year I did mistake when took seriously Real Madrid form right before El playoffs and went against them with Maccabi. Now seems that market again likes Olympiacos handicap, while for me Real should be 12-13 points favorite. But there are some major difference between last and this year. Last year Real played after almost 3 days rest, and now they play 3rd game in 6th day. It is obvious that they didn’t play seriously against Zalgiris and Estudiantes, but I hate bet on teams when they are forced to play another game in less than 48 hours.

Olympiacos had almost a week to prepare for Real Madrid and that makes them quite dangerous despite they are losing a lot in individual class. Olympiacos never was a powerhouse in Europe (at least in last 2 seasons) but they always were able to demostrate great form in key moments of the season. Let’s see how good they are now, because last week performance was quite bad, but before they showed extremelly high level of basketball.

Normally Real should win here in double digits and take revenge for London-2013, but there is still many questions about real teams form and I decided to leave this match without pre-match bets.

Barcelona – Galatasaray

As for the main markets I don’t see good bets there. Maybe under looks promising but Galatasaray is able to score 64-71 while Barcelona (if at best form) can score up to 82 points but also could stop in 70’s. This game should fine for live-betting.

The only pick today comes from player market. I see good chances for Nachbar to score 8 points, because he is in good form and should see more minutes because Pasqual needs tall and mobile player to defend against pick-and-pop situations. Unfortunately this bet can be taken everywhere. I see only Marathonbet giving this position atm.

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