Euroleague Playoffs. Game 2 Picks. Thursday

sada arroyoFC Barcelona Regal – Galatasaray

Arroyo injury had too big impact on 2nd half of Game 1. In first half we have seen defensive battle and low pace, while second half started with Barcelona run which killed all Galatasaray hopes after they lost their leader.

But this is Euroleague playoffs and I don’t expect to show another loosy performance in terms of defense at least. After 88 points (55 of them in 2nd half) I expect Galatasaray to improve their defense and not allow Barcelona score more than 80 points. In low pace game Gala can stop Barcelona in 70-76 range easily without limiting them to low percentage. They need just to avoid 60% 3-pointers shooting like it was in Game 1 and Barcelona will finish in 72-80 pts zone.

On other side we have Barcelona which allowed 17 points in first 6 minutes, but than found defensive scheme and Galatasaray scored only 44 in next 34 minutes. Today Galatasaray will miss Arroyo and Barcelona defense should continue to dominate in zone defense and press Galatasaray on perimeter.

I expect slower game with more determination from Galatasaray, but Barcelona should win this 74:62 or close to it. My line here ~137 points and I hope we will avoid 60% shooting from 3 pts. 144 a bit too much for such game.

Pick: Under 144 @ 1.94 4/10 Pinnacle

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