Euroleague Top-16 Picks. February 6th

jan vesely5 of 6 picks has been won yesterday and today basing on my experience it’s better to stay away from active betting next day. Luckily, today lines are very well done and I don’t see value bets there. However, I am glad to provide with free preview of 2 matches in Turkey and Germany. Hope you will like it.

Fenerbahce Ulker – Laboral

Laboral is very weak away team this season, but they are so dangerous and explosive that it is very hard to go against them, especially with such high spreas as this one. Ulker for sure has a little bit more quality and trust, but 8.5 points looks few points too high.

As for the total I see an open game here, but bookies see the same and have set 160 points total here. We should not forget that Obradovic always was a defensive minded coach and Ulker tries to play hard on defensive end and Laboral often fails to score with high percentage against defensive pressure.

I think that best option here is to catch over 153.5 at in-play. At these odds I can’t see good bets to consider.

ALBA – Panathinaikos

Greeks comes to Berlin to make a statement about their place in playoffs. Top-16 is a long one, but with a win PAO might break the distance between them and 5th place. No doubt that greeks has a better roster and favorite here, but again we the same estimation in the line and it means that there is no value in either side.

As for the total I don’t expect high scoring game, but also might admit that ALBA at home tends to score 70 points even playing against good defensive teams. That’s a problem, because I see PAO as favorite and ALBA going close to 70 points.

I expect 139-149 points game here. Some value on under could be seen, but easily can see 72:78 or smth like this here. I decided to skip match too, because of too low value.

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Unicaja – N.Novgorod

Milan – Efes Pilsen


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