Panathinaikos – CSKA. Game 4 Betting Advice

decolo paoPAO scored 16 of 31 3-points shots and won game 3 quite comfortably. CSKA dominated in other areas but lost control and concentration somewhere in the middle of 2nd quarter. Seems that they decided, that this is another easy game… But then things changed dramatically.. PAO got  confidence in offense after the half time break and CSKA was not able to respond. However, in the end, CSKA again showed how good they can be, when angry and motivated. Only Weems defensive foul helped PAO to win that match..

Today we will another thrilling game in Athens, but this time things are more difficult to predict in terms of betting.

I can’t predict what kind of game we will see tonight. CSKA lost best perimeter defender V.Fridzon due injury and A.Jackson (another defensive specialist) played just 6 minutes.. Because of this I can’t be sure that CSKA can improve their defense dramaticall, but they alway can score more points than Panathinaikos. I will be suprised if CSKA will not clost the series in Athens, but I don’t see value to make a bet here.

In terms of value betting Panathinaikos +8 is very close to low-stake bet, because fair spread is -5.5 (I think so). The problem here is that CSKA can play MUCH better than they did in Game 3 and PAO can’t play at that level in each game. My advice here is to wait for 1.80+ odds on CSKA in 1st half and jump on them. Yes, we will need 8-10 points lead of PAO to get such odds, but why not? This is Greece.. 

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