FIBA WC-2010. Day 7.

fiba-turkey-2010After huge luck yesterday for today I have no official picks.

Slovenia – Australia

Many tipsters are taking Australia in this matchup and probably would be in the same boat if I would not lose my last 2 picks against Slovenia. Honestly speaking here I see Slovenia as favorite to win but I am not sure if they will cover handicap. Australia has a lot to improve to be succesfull team against European teams and so far I don’t see them at the same level as Slovenia.

Officialy nobet game for me before the match but will probably take Slovenia with odds over 1.80 in first half if Australia will take early lead.

Turkey – France

Best defense of the tournament against weakest offense. There is a big expectation of underish game and I fully agree with this. Should be a low scoring battle but line is also at very low lever and I prefer to stay away from such heavy unders. Often one 40-45 points quarter ruins all you analysis. So one more nobet game for.


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