NBA games review 17.12.14

Today we got no less than 10 games, so I will give you my thoughts about few of those games.

Charlotte – Phoenix

Line weren’t released yet.
Charlotte are 1 – 10 on the road this season, but their only road win, was in Phoenix. 
Since then, Phoenix had a winning streak and now, facing a losing streak that doesn’t want to end (6 in a row).
Charlotte lost 10 games in a row after the win in Phoenix, but bounced back slightly, winning 2 of the last 5 games, covering 3 of the last 4 games. 
Before this season’s game, Suns won 5 in a row and it’s not easy to understand what will we see today.
On paper, Charlotte should do a solid work, since they are playing a lot better, since getting back Kidd-Gilchrist and Gary Neal. 
Both teams are really looking to get back on track, though Phoenix without a doubt more desperate. 
Dragic is questionable for tonight’s game and that’s why the line hasn’t been released yet. 
I expect Suns to be favorites by 2.5 points and in that case, I think that there is no real edge.
If Charlotte will get 4+ points for some reason, it’s worth taking a bet on.

Cleveland – Atlanta

Atlanta are red hot, winning 10 of their last 11 games. Cleveland not too far behind with 9 wins in the last 11 games. Both had their streaks stopped two games ago and both started a new winning streak in the last game.
Cleveland broke NBA record for perfect quarter for three point shots going 9 from 9 or more.
Cleveland are the better team, that wants to catch Hawks, that are holding a place above them.
Hawks don’t have anyone that can guard LeBron and while they are deeper and have good answers against other Cavs players, having no answer against best player in the league can be costly for the Hawks.
Cleveland or nothing here.

Boston – Orlando

Orlando red hot ATS wise, covering 7 of the last 9 games. Boston managed to win 3 games in a row two weeks ago, but was mediocre since then.
Orlando started to get a bit too much credit lately, but no sure if Boston just the team that can take advantage of that.
Easy skip here, unless the line moves to -2 or +5. Boston are favorites to win here, but very small favorites.
One point though is regarding totals.
Orlando are a decent defensive team, ranked somewhere in the middle of the league. 
Boston are far from being a good offensive team, but has a good scoring average, due to being first in the league pace wise. 
Orlando ranked 24th pace wise and 18th in defensive efficiency wise, so I wouldn’t have given Boston more than 99.5 – 100 points for this game.

Miami – Utah

Line weren’t released yet for this game.
Miami struggles in B2B games lately (once overall fatigue started to kick in) and after winning in Utah, I think that bookies can put too big of a line for this one.
Bosh is doubtful here, Wade is ?, but I think that in B2B, there is a good chance he sits out.
Utah has Favors questionable, but if the line is 7+ for the Jazz, they got a good chance to hold on to the line.

Toronto – Brooklyn


Line weren’t released yet for this game.
First game of the season between the two, after 7 games playoff series last year, that ended the season for the Raptors.
Toronto want to win this one and Nets in B2B, without Lopez of course and probably without KG as well.
I think that Toronto will win this one, but line can be problematic. DeRozan’s injury puts too much on Williams and makes bench very thin and poor offense wise.
My line here is Toronto -7 or -7.5, but even if the line will be -6 or -9, I doubt I will play one of the teams here.
Nets play very mediocre, while Toronto needs wins, not ATS covers.
Easy skip here.

SA Spurs – Memphis Grizzlies

Line weren’t released yet for this game.
Spurs are 9 – 0 SU in the last 9 games between the two, including an easy win in Memphis earlier this season.
Memphis and Spurs don’t like each other and it’s obvious that Memphis wants to finally get a W against the Spurs.
Parker and Kawhi probably out for this one and Manu is questionable.
Memphis are a good option, if they are dogs for this one.

Denver – Houston

Line weren’t released yet for this game.
Houston has a lot of missing players for this one and Dwight is questionable.
Teams met 4 days ago and Rockets won by 12 points.
Home teams are 6 – 0 SU the last 6 games and 5 – 1 ATS.
My line for this one is Denver -2 and as long as the line won’t be higher than 3 points, Denver can be a decent play here.
Rockets rested since the game against Denver, while Denver had to play SAS at home in between (and lose).
Denver should take this game seriously and finally get a W, since they are in a middle of a tough 4 home games stand, facing Spurs (lost), Houston, LAC and Indiana. If they want a split in this home stand, this one is almost a must win for them.
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