NBA Northwest division preview 2015

western conference

Portland won the division last season, but now they are on a (very) safe path to be the worst in the West and possibly the worst in the league. Oklahoma (and possibly Utah) are going another direction and Oklahoma one of the main contenders to win the title, while Utah can be the biggest surprise (that everyone won’t be surprised about) this season.


Back the Bulls while it’s not too late

Derrick Rose (Bulls)

Although the Championship game is still some way away it makes sense to start placing your bets on which team will end the season on top sooner rather later. By betting now you will get the best ante-post odds whereas, if you waited until the playoffs, your odds would be lower, and if you waited until the Championship Series they would have diminished further.


Euroleague basketball and Bwin team up

10 Minute Madness by Bwin

Ten Minute Madness is the latest innovation to come from the joint partnership of Europe’s largest sports book Bwin and the Euroleague basketball group. It enables fans to take part in the game they love in a whole new way while they are watching the game on TV. It has been hailed as a huge step forward in the way that fans can interact with their favourite sport, giving them the…