NBA games review February 4th

Many good games today so I will focus on the ones that I found the most interesting and not necessary ones with the best betting value.


New Orleans – Oklahoma City

Both teams are looking up, not down, since Pelicans are 9th in the West, trailing by one game behind the Suns that are in the 8th place.

Thunder also looking at the Suns, but trail 3 games behind them.
I think that many view this race as one between Thunder and Suns only, not counting the Pelicans and many Pelicans are pissed about it and they are right.
I think that in the end, Pelicans can finish above Suns, if both teams will be healthy for the second half of the season.
Davis, one can argue, the best player in the league and with Evans playing amazing basketball, Gordon reminding people that he is still in the league, Asik and Anderson give Monty so many options how to use his rotation – this is a very dangerous team.
Thunder are trying to make a run for the playoffs, but can’t pick up the pace. They can’t’ beat good rivals and each time, they either play without a star player or waiting for the star player to shake the rust from him.
Durant just can’t stay healthy this season. Every time, he suffers some small injury that causes him to miss few games. He is doubtful against the Pelicans tonight.
Funny thing about this game is that Thunder played Pelicans twice this season, once without Durant and once with him. In NO, with Durant, Thunder were 3.5 points favorite and without Durant, they were 7 points favorites in Oklahoma City.
Today, without Durant, but also without Holiday, Pelicans are made -3.5 points favorites. Is Durant worth 7 points? Especially without Jrue for the Pelicans? Of course not.
But this is the realization of Pelicans strength this season by bookies and by the public.
Team should complete their 4 games regular season series, on Friday, when the teams meet again in Oklahoma.
I hope for Pelicans win SU and ATS, so that I can back the Thunder on Friday.
Who will win it? Well, I think that the scenario I’m hoping for is pretty realisitc one.
Davis is unstoppable, without Durant, Pelicans life will be so much easier.
So why no bet? Pelicans reached their peak perhaps, with the easy win over the Hawks, hottest team in the league (I’m sorry GSW fans) – it’s very dangerous to back a team after such a huge win.
No bet here.

Toronto – Brooklyn

It’s always fun to watch teams that drew blood from each other in the playoffs, trying to go at each other the season after that.
Spurs demolished Memphis the season, after Grizzlies won them in the playoffs. Spurs obviously got the perfect revenge over the Heat. Dallas and Miami been trashing each other – as revenge over the Finals loss (Dallas won all the regular season games since losing in 06 and Heat been winning all the games since 2011, till the last game between the two).
Raptors came within Pierce block over Lowry in Game 7 in Toronto, from going to the second round of the playoffs.
Toronto are 2 – 0 since then against the Nets and I doubt they are about to stop.
Nets off huge win over the Clippers, a win that looked like Nets season. Big lead, huge collapse, heroic comeback and almost impossible win.
You can say a lot of things about the Nets, but they are sure ain’t boring.
I like Raptors to win here, but don’t really like to go in to the line, since it’s pretty high and as I said, Nets can be a tricky team to bet on or against.

Houston – Chicago

Tonight most of the games involving good teams are from the same conference and this is the only exception.
Both teams can tell you something about how to play without your star center player.
Noah missed too many games for the Bulls, while Dwight missed a bunch as well for the Rockets.
Tonight we will see Noah, but Dwight will be missed.
Teams met a month ago and Bulls were -3 points favorites then and won 114 – 105.
That game featured both Centers.
Both teams need the win. Chicago are half a game ahead of Cleveland, but 1 game behind Washington in the battle for the 3 – 5 places in the East. Houston is in third place, but leads only by half a game on Clippers and Portland. Both teams can find themselves in any of 3 – 5 places in their conferences after tonight.
While results just don’t agree with me, I always prefer not to play Bulls in B2B spots, so I’m glad that tonight this isn’t the case.
Both teams off huge rest, with Bulls getting four days of rest before this game and get two days after that, while Rockets come off three days of rest and will get day’s rest after that.
Big rest usually means small rust, coming out of the gate.
I like Bulls +3 and Under 205 here.

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Best of luck everybody!!!

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