NBA pick for Thursday – November 5th

Today we got 5 games and while the most interesting one is between Chicago and Oklahoma City, I want to focus on another game between team from different Conferences.




 Minnesota – Miami Heat 

With all the respect to the Heat, nothing they have done so far this season, warrants them to be 4 points favorites on the road, against decent Western team.
Heat so far with 2 – 2 record, Heat won at home, against the mediocre Hornets and Rockets, that broke NBA record of losing the first three games by 20+ points (including a home loss to the Nuggets) and lost to Hawks at home and to Cleveland on the road. They play very mediocre basketball and besides Whiteside, it’s really hard to find any player that plays above his abilities (or even at the peak of them).
Wade suffers from headaches and still doesn’t fit with Dragic too much. Bosh is decent, not more than that and Deng and Winslow show that one is too old and one is too young, at least at the moment.
Minny started the season with 2 – 0, winning both road games and lost at home to Portland, in season opener, where there was a ceremony held in memory of Flip Saunders (R.I.P.) and players after the game, admitted that they couldn’t stop crying and that their focus wasn’t in the game.
I believe that Minny are a good team. I don’t know if they are better or worse than Miami, but no way are they 7 – 8 points in neutral court worse.
This is a very skilled team that will try to play for their fans and the memory of Flip and should get the win tonight. Minnesota are a very good mix of veterans and young players, they also healthy and hugely motivated. Rubio can guard Dragic and I doubt that anyone on Heat’s roster can stop Wiggins. KG used to make Bosh cry and while KG is not the same player anymore, I expect him to give a bit extra tonight.
Minnesota +4, 1.93 odds – 6 units play – Pinnacle
Minnesota to win, 2.54 odds – 3 units play – Pinnacle

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