NBA pick for Tuesday – November 10th

Today we got a game between two teams that are trying to be the new force of the East and it should be pretty interesting game between two young and good teams.

Milwaukee Bucks – Boston Celtics

Both teams were in the playoffs last season, Bucks 6th and Celtics 7th and both want to make the postseason once again and hope to make a small upgrade and try to get to the 4th place.
Bucks are 4 – 3 and 2 – 2 at home this season and Boston 2 – 3 and also, 2 – 2 at home (0 – 1 on the road).
Both teams show great instability so far this season. Celtics couldn’t hit an ocean in three out of their five games so far, but did a good job against Sixers (not that hard) and against the Wizards (much tougher mission). As their plus, we can say that they caused more turnovers than they made themselves in 4 out of 5 games. As minus, we can point out that out of 5 games so far, they already had 20% and 26% from behind the arc nights.
Bucks are also unstable, but very stable in their instability. Three straight losses, including home loss to the Knicks, but four wins since then, including Knicks on the road.
You can’t judge the team too much, since the other wins were against Nets (twice) and the Sixers, the only two teams that haven’t won this season even once. On the other hand, the other two losses were to Wizards at home and Raptors on the road – two losses that could happen to anyone.
Interestingly enough, both teams could play today, without their starting, young point guard, forcing to play the better player (right now), that is slightly older. MCW could miss this game, forcing Kidd to start with Vasquez and instead of Smart, who is likely to miss this one, Thomas will start.
Both btw, big boosts for the Over, since Smart and MCW much better on the defensive end of the floor.
All in all, we can understand that we still don’t have a good read on those teams. But, some things we did learn. Boston still struggles on offense and still doesn’t have big team mentality. Bucks have some problems adjusting to the new roster, but continue to improve.
I don’t see how on earth, we get a PK here.
I would rate Bucks -0.5 on neutral floor, so here I would expect at least -4.5, not PK.
Monroe has good size and no one to take advantage of his poor defense.
Both have long wing players, that can do a lot of havoc on defense.
I expect a game with many turnovers, but in the end, Bucks are at home, healthy and appear to be in better form.
Bucks -1, 2.00 odds – 7 units play – Pinnacle

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Best of luck everybody!!!

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