NBA pick for Wednesday – November 4th

Many games today, but the main event, in my eyes is the Wizards – Spurs game.



Washington Wizards – San Antonio Spurs

I liked both Boston and New York against the Spurs, but although both teams came really close, both came up short.
Still, I watched both games and I felt that Spurs play very mediocre basketball at best. Yes, there were good moments by Timmy, by LMA and even by Parker (and Kawhi in a very good form), but overall, I’m still waiting for a game that I can say, Spurs played good basketball. Actually, the closest they came to that, was a game in Oklahoma, that they actually lost.I have little doubt, that Spurs will get better at some point, but for now, few things are pretty obvious to me.
1) Tony Parker is really struggling at the moment and Mills is not a true point guard. Corey Joseph surely is missed by Pop and the rest of the Spurs right now.
2) LMA doing good job fitting in, but playing without a true Center takes its toll and it’s obvious that Timmy doesn’t fill natural in this role and that when the subs come in, Diaw mostly (West barely plays), defense goes down. Spurs lost the rebounds battle in 2 out of their 4 games, winning them only against the awful Nets and against the very small Celtics team, that also, plays most of the game without a true Center.
Gortat and Nene should really go to work against the Spurs and TP in his current form, doesn’t have a chance against Wall.
The last two visits by Spurs to DC, ended up with Wizards winning and Spurs managing to win, after OT.
My line here is PK, so 4 points are a gift here and I will try, again, go against the Spurs – hoping that finally the results and the level of the game they are playing right now, will finally be connected.
Wizards +4, 1.95 odds – 7 units play – Pinnacle

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Best of luck everybody!!!

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