NBA Picks and thoughts Saturday Night 30/11/13

Today we have 7 games and I wrote my thoughts about 6 of them, hoping that it will help.

Washington – Atlanta

Both teams without two important shooting guards. Wizards without Beal , and Hawks without Korver, best three point shooter in the league at the moment.
In principle, I like Washington more than Atlanta to win the game, but there are a couple of facts that discourage me from a bet on the Wizards. Nene is a big question mark for this match, while in Atlanta we have Milsap and Horford and the rims, players who in my opinion not very convenient for Gortat that is more of a traditional Center, while they usually play a meter outside the paint.
To this we must add that without Beal, Washington lacking the backcourt player who is able to take over the game, in case Wall has a bad day.
All injuries also discourage me from an Over bet, that probably would have been an easy bet, had both teams had healthy rosters.
Too hard match to predict how this game will play out, so I skip it.

Cleveland – Chicago

It is not clear why Chicago are 5 points favorites in Cleveland, after being 4 points dogs in Detroit on Wednesday. I understand that Cleveland in terrible form (including Irving – the star of the team ) and that there are clearly problems in the locker room and rumors say that it came down to fights even ( between Waiters and Thompson), but nevertheless , without Rose and without Butler – two starters for the Bulls, they really shouldn’t be favorites in this game, especially considering the short roster they got.
I would set the line here as PK, so in principle, it makes sense to check Cleveland to win or with handicap, but of course, when it comes to problems in the locker room, the risk is obvious and hard to ignore, especially if you read the accusations Waiters made against the team after losing to Boston last night.

Memphis – Brooklyn

Memphis with three defeats in a row at home, while they were one of the best teams in the league at home last season. Defeats to Rockets and the Spurs can be understood, but a loss to Brooklyn will be harder to take for granted.
But we must not forget that Memphis plays without Gasol ( best defender in the league last season), while in Brooklyn Lopez returned from injury and Garnett should play, after resting last night and that was an indication that Kidd set his sights on this match, as more convenient for the Nets to win than match in Houston.

Dallas – Minnesota

As I wrote before, Minnie have great starters and one of the worst benches in the league. Three days of rest is the best they could hope for before this match .
Nevertheless, in my opinion, Dallas basically threw away the match in Atlanta as their heads already were in tonight’s game with Minnie and thought that the game is already in the bag .
It reminded me a lot the game that Minny had in DC, which was on the eve of the match with the LAC, but they ended up losing both games and Dallas is hoping to avoid this fate .
Very difficult to predict the outcome of this match. Love and Dirk are ones of the best players at their position in the league, but the style of play they play is very different.
Rubio Vs. Calderon is a Spanish derby which will also be very interesting to watch .
Maybe we should check the game for Over, as the match promises to be productive, but the total set is really high.

SAS – Houston

Here for me it’s really simple. Harden injured, but will play (probably), Lin is not playing (and Beverly in terrible shape – that is what caused the too early return by Harden from injury), Parker questionable fro the Spurs. How does all of this affect the match today? That I can only say after the match.
Skipping this match without thinking twice.

Phoenix – Utah

I have a rule that when teams play each other B2B play the team that lost the first leg or nothing.
I saw a lot of minutes of the first match and Utah played amazingly bad and it’s not the first time that I noticed that Jazz are maybe the only team in the league that took the goal of tanking seriously as they should (Sixers, Magic and Suns forgot they are suppose to tank I guess).
Utah made terrible shot selection and absolute no desire to play any kind of defense, and without the slightest attempt to control the pace of the match, just allowed Phoenix to do whatever they wanted and if Phoenix would have won by 30 points, it would be much fairer result.
Zero desire to play Utah here and I don’t want to break my rule as well, so skipping this game.

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Best of luck everybody!!!

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