NBA Picks Friday Night NBA 23/11/12

Very big card tonight, with no less than 12 games, but most lines are set about right, so I will write some thoughts and careful picks tonight.

Charlotte Bobcats -Atlanta Hawks

Both teams have the same record, but I rate Hawks much above Bobcats. Cats won all games but one, after really close battles and even some refs scandals (last win against the Raptors).

They have some talent and been finding ways to connect the shots, but I just feel that they should go on a bad streak any day.

Hawks been underperforming slightly, but they have great track record against Charlotte and they have really nice advantage in every position and with their depth, I believe they will be the winners here.

Having said that, I do worry that this game can go down to a wire and Hawks can easily win, but fail to cover, despite the very short line.

Charlotte 91 – 97 Atlanta sounds about right here.

Hawks -3, 1.90 odds – 4 units play – Pinnacle

Boston Celtics – Oklahoma Thunder

Bostonare 3 – 3 only at home, losing to Bucks, Sixers and Spurs. On top of that, Boston off two losses straight and 3 out of the last 4- looking to rebound and getting things done.

Bostonwant to focus on defense and to try and stop Thunder below 100 points.

But, as I said already before, Boston has a team that can play defense, but pace wise, they play much better when they speed things up.

Thunder allow 96.5 points overall, while Boston scoring 97.2 points overall, so can’t argue with the total much, but I do think that Boston can and will score a bit better tonight.

It’s not second leg of B2B, known Under spot for Boston and Boston off few bad losses – so I do expect Boston to win this one and score 100 – 103 points and while I can see Thunder being able to overscore Boston and win, I doubt they will stop Boston below their total.

Boston Over 97 points, 1.91 odds – 4 units play – 5Dimes

Indiana Pacers –San Antonio Spurs

Pacers as I wrote, with the change in their offense, should score in high pace game like against the Spurs, 94+ points. Spurs on the other hand, been scoring 100+ points in such games as well, so I believe that 193 – 196 points total would have been much more accurate.

I hoped for 186 – 188 points, so it’s a bit too high of a number, but I had this as a play as long as the total is 190 or lower, so I will take my chances here, taking the Over here.

101 – 96 is my predicted score here.

Over 190 points in Indiana, 1.91 odds – 4 units play – Pinnacle

Few other games:

Brooklyn Nets –Los Angeles Clippers

Nets are just as talented as a starting unit, but have much deeper bench. It’s true that they don’t have sixth man like Crowford, but while Nets have a talented 11 players rotation, Clippers have 8 players rotation + Odom – pretty washed up player.

As long as Wallace and Johnson take advantage of their miss matches, Nets can and should win this one.

Memphis Grizzlies – LA Lakers

Lakers had few poor nights as far as offense goes and I fully expect it to end tonight.

Two games under D’Antoni should be enough to make the needed tweaking in to their system and while Memphis can score 100+ points, Lakers can and should score 100+ points of their own.

Lakers Over 97 or Over 199 overall should be a good bet.

Houston Rockets –New York Knicks

Linsanity vs. Carmelo. Lin left NY and accusation from both sides took place.

Now teams play each other and you know that Lin and the Knicks are up and ready for this one.

Rockets been having issues, but overall, not sure that Knicks deserve to have 4 points against them or being almost 2 – 1 favorites here.

Rockets +4 or to win as a small bet sounds about right here.

Portland Trailblazers –Minnesota Timberwolves

Love is back for Minny and while they lost badly home game against Denver, I usually look at the second game of team’s star return  as a good spot to bet on them.

Portlandtalented and very unstable. Can easily see Wolves winning this one, as long as they stay focused.

If the line would have been 4 points, would have been an official play for sure, but nonetheless it’s worth to try and gamble a bit on the Wolves here.

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