NBA Picks Saturday Night 22/12/12

Very big card for me, mainly due to a system that is finally time to start and that has proven itself before with very high percentage and I hope it will continue to prove itself.

Atlanta Hawks – Chicago Bulls


Chicago played very intense game last night and with all key players logging very heavy minutes (40+), I just can’t believe thatChicago won’t come flat tonight. They will be looking to play lockdown defense and hope that scoring 82 – 84 points will be enough to win.

Hawks on the other hand, probably waited for this game. They gave their starters rest before this game, despite losing the game to Sixers because of it and will be looking to really closed down Chicago’s offense.

Hawks should score 89 – 93 points, Bulls only 82 – 84 points – so Under for the Bulls and overall looks really good here.

Bulls Under 91 points, 1.91 odds – 7 units play – 5Dimes


Golden State Warriors – LA Lakers


With Lakers team getting plenty of rest before this game and getting two days rest after this game, really hard to believe that we will see anything else, but Lakers scoring 110+ points and easily winning.

There are many ways to approach this game, but bottom line is that any bet that involves Over or Lakers should be fine.

Pau is back and Dwight + Pau frontcourt should give Jackson nightmares.

To top that, Kobe should be well rested and he knows how huge this game is.

Last time teams met, it was really one sided game with Lakers scoring only 101 points, but still winning by 24 points. I have no doubt that it won’t happen again.

Golden State still two levels below Lakers, but at home, they will score at least 101 – 102 points and I believe that even higher.

I see it as 116 – 107 win for the Lakers here.

Over 210 points, 1.91 odds – 7 units play – PaddyPower

Lakers Over 105.5, 1.83 odds – 7 units play – PaddyPower


Washington Wizards – Detroit Pistons


Wizards are horrible first quarter team. They need their time to make the right adjustments and many times, the game is gone by than.

Pistons on the other hand, usually start the game really well and lead after first quarter.

Pistons outscored Wizards yesterday in first quarter 29 – 14!

I doubt it will happen again, but I do believe that Pistons will take the lead in first quarter, forcing Wizards to react.

Pistons to win first quarter, 1.91 odds – 5 units play – Pinnacle


New Orleans Hornets – Indiana Pacers


Hornets start the game really slowly, shooting only 21.8 points. Pacers on the other hand, play very tough defense in the beginning of the match, allowing only 21.6 points per quarter.

Hornets also play decent defense, while Pacers defense, comes at the expense of their offense, so if we assume that both teams will have problem breaking out of 20 points per team logic, we probably will be right.

Under 45 in 1st quarter – 1.94 odds – 7 units play – Pinnacle


Houston Rockets – Memphis Grizzlies


Why on earth bookies give 49 points total in first quarter to teams that average 46.5 points combined is beyond me. Teams met this season in Memphis and scored 41 points in first quarter.

Just playing the numbers game here.

Under 49.5 points, 1.87 odds – 7 units – Pinnacle

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