NBA Picks Saturday Night 28/12/13

Two games on today’s card that I like.

Memphis Grizzlies – Denver Nuggets

Memphis are hungry for wins and I just can’t say the same about Denver. It seems that Denver are happy with losses, they are hungry for a change.
It appears that this roster is more or less done. Lawson stopped improving himself and started to get injured. Farried regressed and seems like an undersized big man (and injured) many thought he would be in this league.
Miller doesn’t get any younger, Foye shouldn’t be a starter because he isn’t good enough and Hamilton shouldn’t be a starter because he is still a young player that needs patience.
All in all, Memphis slowly get back after injuries and poor start and try to make a run and Denver don’t have the mental strength to really put up a fight, if things start badly for them.
Memphis should win and cover this game.

Washington Wizards – Detroit Pistons

Pistons struggle a lot against any team that has good big man. With Smith, Monroe and Drummond, they can trash any rival that struggles under the rims (Miami for example), but against Orlando or Houston, they lost.
Wizards have Nene and Gortat and Vesely/Ariza can help with the rebounds from SF position.
Wall looks really good this season and Wizards are 4 – 0 ATS this season, as short favorites – meaning that Wizards know how to win games, where they should win, but a hard fought one.
Beal probably out tonight and Wizards play B2B at home off 4 games road trip, but Detroit also plays B2B and both had to fly in.
I feel that Wizards have some value tonight to both win and cover, though I like Memphis bet more.
Another possible point is Over hunting in this B2B series. Wizards and Detroit are Over machines lately and play each other today and on Monday.
One can try the Over today and if best lost, to try again on Monday or one can wait tonight, hope for an Under and take the Over on Monday.

Best of luck everybody!!!

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