NBA Picks Tuesday Night NBA 20/11/12

Tonight we had a very interesting game between Lakers and the Nets and that’s the game I want to look at closely tonight.

LA Lakers –Brooklyn Nets

Lakers have yet played with D’Antoni on the bench or won any true playoff team this season. Tonight they got a chance to do both.

In fact, if they win, they will do something else they haven’t done this season and that’s to hold a positive record.

It’s hard to question Lakers motivation for tonight’s game.

While Nets have huge advantage on the bench, Lakers have almost the same advantage in the starting unit and that should mean much more in 48 minutes ball game.

Besides Deron Williams, Nets starters don’t have any advantage facing their direct opponents and Dwight’s and Gasol’s advantage in the paint against Humphries and Lopez should give Lakers the upper hand in the end of the battle.

So Lakers motivated and simply better team and if under Brown, I would have expected it to translate to better defense and low scoring, under D’Antoni, I believe it will show up mainly in the ability to put the ball in to the basket, scoring 110+ points.

Lakers 114 – 103 Nets sounds about right here.

Lakers -5.5 – 1.95 – 7 units play – Pinnacle

Lakers Over 107 – 1.91 odds – 5 units play – 5Dimes

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