NBA Picks Wednesday Night 06/02/13

Very big card, but very accurate one and it’s not easy to find value, despite the fact that 13 games played tonight.

Dallas Mavericks – Portland Trailblazers
Oklahoma City Thunder – Golden State Warriors
Miami Heat – Houston Rockets

I think that the correct odds for this bet should be 1.75 – 1.80 odds, so we get very nice odds here.
Dallas obviously the hardest of the three, so I will focus on that game. Last time the teams met, was a week ago and Dallas lead by 21 points, only to lose by 2 points. This is huge game for Dallas. There is huge rivalry between the teams and for Dallas, to blow 21 points lead to lose in the end was very brutal and they will be looking to rebound tonight.
Portland on the other hand, as we can see in recent match ups against Utah and Clippers, struggle mightily on the road, while beating the opponents at home.
Given the number of really tight games between the two and by both teams overall, I think that playing the win straight up is much safer option, instead of playing the big spread.
The fact that Batum is injured and though probably will play, can’t even shoot the way he used to and the fact that Dirk slowly getting healthier and healthier makes tonight’s play a very decent option.
As for the other two games, it’s very simple. Houston tied NBA record for number of three pointers last night. While it shows good form, it also means that no way to go but down from there.
Delfino, very important Rockets player that been scorching hot lately is out and Rockets after great win against direct rival on the West, will probably lose and by double digits, even if Bosh will be out.
Miami struggled against Charlotte and that only adds to the feeling that Miami won’t allow themselves to play as poorly again (LeBron was amazing though).
As for the last bet, Bogut is out, GSW had not an easy game in Houston last night and this is small revenge spot for Oklahoma that lost to the Warriors two weeks ago, playing in Oakland.
Miami + Oklahoma + Dallas to win, 2.35 odds – 7 units play – 5Dimes

Utah Jazz – Milwaukee Bucks
Cleveland Cavaliers – Charlotte Bobcats

With Dalembert coming off a record night of 35 points, I can be sure that it won’t happen today and to be honest, I can easily see him finishing the game scoreless. Sanders, Bucks best big man, probably out and against paint oriented team like the Jazz, his absence can be costly.
Playing B2B in two highest above the see cities in the NBA, Denver and Salt Lake City, can be really difficult, especially for a team that relies on their shots like Bucks do.
Some will claim that Jennings and Ellis won’t play as poor as they did in Denver and they might be right. But on the other hand, they have poor nights on the road too often to really believe in them to shoot the lights out tonight.
Anyway, Utah has huge advantage in the paint and I believe it should be enough, despite Utah’s problems and injuries in the backcourt.
As for Cleveland, it’s very hard to trust them as dogs. But, on the other hand, they got most of their injured players back, Kidd-Gilchrist still out for Charlotte and Bobcats come off almost a huge upset in Miami. It’s hard to believe that Charlotte will play two good games in a row on the road. Charlotte covered twice in a row just twice the entire season and with Cleveland winning them the last 5 games in a row, including a game in Charlotte a month ago, I just doubt they will allow themselves to lose such a chance to add another W to the column.
Having said that, I really don’t want to mess with the high total here and just play Charlotte straight up.
Utah + Cleveland to win, 2.20 odds – 7 units play – Expekt

System plays:
Toronto -1 in first quarter, 1.95 odds – 7 units play – 5Dimes
Under 46.5 in Atlanta, 1.86 odds – 7 units play – Bet365

Best of luck everybody!!!

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