NBA Picks Wednesday Night 20/02/13

The day before last before trade deadline, so one free play and advice for caution not to rush plays.






Atlanta Hawks – Miami Heat
LA Lakers – Boston Celtics

I have a rule that I don’t take road teams as favorites for ML parlays, but decided to make an exception here.
Hawks have their head in to the upcoming trade deadline and they have abysmal record at home against the Heat, with zero wins since LeBron came to Miami.
Heat were smoking hot before ASG break and while there is always the danger of a hot team cooling off, I do believe that East losing the All Star game should keep LeBron, Bosh and Wade sharp.
As for the Lakers it’s do or die time. Last 1/3 of the season and they must make a run if they want to have a shot at post season.
First game since Bass, beloved owner of the Lakers have died and it happened to be against Boston, the same team that Bass made his goal, to move past them, for the most titles won (Lakes behind Boston by one). This is also the team that won them only a week and a half ago, giving them the biggest defeat of the season.
This is also the team that plays B2B after a hard game in the altitude of Denver, a team that plays absolutely horrible in B2B spots. This is also a team that is terrible on the road as a dog against Western Conference rival.
Lakers and Heat both should win their games, plain and simple.
Lakers + Heat to win, 2.00 odds – 6 units play – Pinnacle/ 5Dimes (and most other bookies)

Two more plays are released to subscribers only.

Best of luck everybody!!!

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