NBA Picks Wednesday Night 26/12/12

Today we got really big card, so the write ups will be short due to lack of time.

Indiana Pacers –Chicago Bulls

Chicago get to this game tired, injured and facing a blizzard. This game can be even cancelled due to the blizzard, but I hope not.

Bulls probably without Deng and I just think they will have a lot of problems scoring tonight.

Bulls will try their best and I can easily see them giving top effort on defense, but I think they will score 81 – 83 points only and Pacers scoring 87 – 89 points at least, maybe even going to 91 – 93 points here.

Bulls Under 86.5 points, 2.00 odds – 5 units play – PaddyPower

Denver Nuggets – LA Lakers

I will take my chances yet again with Lakers Over points bet.

Denver conceded 100+ points against any decent offense they met and I don’t see any reason today should be different.

Denver at home always looking to run. They believe they are young and the thin air will help them if they play fast enough.

I can actually see Lakers slowing pace down a bit, but even if they do, this is a game that can easily go over 210 points with each team scoring 105+ points.

As long as percentage will be about average, Lakers should score 109 – 112 points here.

Lakers Over 105.5 points, 6 units play – 5Dimes

Charlotte Bobcats –Miami Heat

Cats are injured and playing poorly, but I saw the looks on Heat players faces after last night’s game. They were so tired, it’s hard to describe even.

Heat can beat Charlotte in their sleep, but if Charlotte realize what a chance they got here, they will not only cover, but win SU as well.

Can’t say I feel the safest each time I place money on Charlotte, but can’t ignore the value of this bet.

Charlotte+10, 1.92 odds – 5 units play – Expekt

System plays:

Atlanta Hawks –Detroit Pistons

This is a system play. Hawks are one of the worst teams I can remember, covering at home as big favorite. 1 – 6 ATS as 6+ points favorites. The reason is simple – first quarter.

It’s very easy to come ready to play Heat, Lakers or Thunder. It’s much harder to do the same, facing Hornets, Bobcats or Pistons.

But, when you start slowly, you need to chase the entire game.

Detroit simply a great first quarter team and always tries to start hard.

Pistons +2.5 first quarter, 1.91 odds – 6 units play -5Dimes/ Youwin/ Unibet

Orlando Magic – New Orleans Hornets

This is a system play. Magic are a terrible first quarter team. I seen many times that Magic need some time to find the right five and till than, they can easily find themselves in double digits trail and need to chase all game. That’s why their record is where it is.

Hornets on the other hand and surprisingly I may add, just a great first quarter team.

It makes some sense, because they have decent starters and very short bench, but I can see easily Hornets being up 2 -3 points after first quarter.

Hornets +1 first quarter, 1.91 odds – 6 units play – 5Dimes

Washington Wizards –Cleveland Cavaliers

This is a system play. I already wrote that Wizards start the game simply awful, both at home and on the road.

I don’t know why they need to start the game chasing the opponent (and usually unsuccessfully), but that’s the case.

Clevelandare a very good first quarter team and always ready to play some ball against poor teams like Wizards.

Don’t know who will win it, butClevelandshould do just fine in the beginning of the game.

Cleveland +0.5 first quarter, 1.91 odds – 6 units play – Unibet/ WillHill

Memphis Grizzlies –Philadelphia 76ers

This is a system play. This is teams combined least productive quarter with 45.5 points production, but for some reason, bookies insist to offer us this quarter as one of the most productive with 46 points total with only 182.5 points overall total.

No reason for such a high total here and it should have been 45 points at the most.

It’s important to point out that when it comes to quarters, every points gets great meaning, because it’s much shorter time period than a full game.

Under 46 points first quarter, 1.94 odds – 6 units play – Pinnacle

 Milwaukee Bucks –New Jersey Nets

This is a system play. I can’t understand how on a quarter where teams average 46 points, bookies offer us no less than 47.5 points.

The fact that this is Bucks least productive quarter also adds to the questionable total, especially with the overall total set at 187 points only.

I can easily see one of the teams failing to score 20 points here.

Earlier this season, teams met and the result was 43 points in first quarter with Nets scoring only 18 points and it can easily repeat itself today.

Under 47.5 points first quarter, 1.91 odds – 6 units play – Youwin

Good luck everybody!!!

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