NBA Subscription Picks Monday Night 06/05/13

Two bets today (one for the series) that I really like here.

NY Knicks – Indiana Pacers
SA Spurs – GS Warriors
Miami Heat – Chicago Bulls

I like this parlay a lot and I think it will be hard to lose it, unless one of the teams will really try.
Knicks come to this game, after losing Game 1 at home. It’s win or go home and in such spots, home teams win Game 2 in remarkable percentage.
As for the Heat, I think that Bulls are exhausted after 7 games series against the Nets and carry tons of small injuries, including Deng that will be out for this game and Kirk Hinrich that is still questionable.
Heat off a rest and with desire to do a repeat, wouldn’t want to risk any injuries and drag this series to 6 – 7 games.
Heat should wrap it up in 5 games, though I’m rooting for Chicago.
As for the Spurs, GSW won Denver, winning all 6 games ATS and 4 out of 6 SU.
Spurs are much better than the Nuggets and I just can’t see the Warriors win one in SA, with or without David Lee.
I think this parlay has around 75% – 80% chance to cash in.
Knicks + Spurs + Heat to win, 1.88 odds – to win 10 units play – Expekt

Oklahoma City Thunder – Memphis Grizzlies

I wrote my thoughts on this series and they haven’t changed.
Thunder played their best possible game, Memphis played their worst possible and still Memphis lost by 2 points.
Here is what I wrote yesterday:
I believe that Memphis will win this series. The combo of Allen and Prince, two of the best defenders in the game against Durant and no Westbrook, means huge problems on offense for Thunder.
No Westbrook on defense, watching Conley torching Fisher, means that Thunder have big problems on defense.
Memphis will win this series, but I have zero desire to take it for such low odds as they are presented right now and will wait, hoping that Memphis won’t win today and will wait till Game 2.
But, with Durant guarded by two great defenders, I expect both teams to play on defensive end and try to win the game on defense.
The fact that Oklahoma stopped making fast break points since Westbrook’s injury only adds to the confidence.
Memphis should win in 4 out of the 5 next games and close the series.
Memphis to win the series, 2.45 odds – 10 units play – 5Dimes


Just wanted to add a bet to the Spurs series.
Spurs will win this series either in a sweep or 4 – 1. I will give the Warriors big credit and assume they will find a way to win one game over the Spurs and back up the bet with Spurs sweeping the series.
SAS to win the series 4 – 1, 2.60 odds – 10 units play – 5Dimes
SAS to win the series 4 – 0, 4.25 odds – to win 10 units – 5Dimes

Best of luck everybody!!!

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