NBA Subscription Picks Saturday Night 20/04/13

Today we got the first day of the playoffs and some great games will be played tonight.






Brooklyn Nets – Chicago Bulls

It’s true that Bulls are (probably) without Noah, but on the other hand, Bulls played the Nets 4 times, winning three of the four and losing only one game and even then, only by 4 points and it was without Noah, Hinrich and Boozer. Today they will be only without Noah (and obviously Rose).
Bulls are a team that always play very strong defense and usually manages to stop their rivals well below their averages.
All four games were really even and this is as close to a toss up series as any series between 4th and 5th places should be.
Chicago +5, 1.91 odds – 5 units play – Unibet

Denver Nuggets – Golden State Warriors
Miami Heat – Milwaukee Bucks
Oklahoma City Thunder – Houston Rockets
Indiana Pacers – Atlanta Hawks

The Thunder bet is probably the most dangerous one of the four, because the odds are low, while team like the Rockets, can always catch a hot hand, but in all the 8 series in this playoff, there wasn’t a team that dominated as strongly against their rivals, as Thunder did against the Rockets.
They abused the Rockets and demolished them in all 3 games, but decided to be nice and gave up 16 points lead in the last 4 minutes of the last game between them in Houston, just to throw Harden a bone I guess.
As for the others, don’t see too much need to explain.
Heat should win at home against the Bucks and the odds for their win are so low for a reason, but Bucks chances to win this one are even smaller. Only amazing mental collapse by the Heat can give Bucks a shot at the game and even then, Heat probably will win.
Denver own GSW in the worst way this season. They won the series 3 – 1 in regular season and just kept going at them and only fatigue prevented them to sweep the series and even then, they didn’t go without a fight, losing 106 – 105.
Farried and Galo are out, but Denver has more than enough to win this one.
Pacers and Hawks should be great series, but looking at the way teams played this season (both each other and overall), we can see that this will be one home court dominated series and it can go all the way to Game 7 with home team winning the whole 7 games.
Hawks can always get a great road win and proved it many times, but I think that Pacers waited too long for this postseason, to lose the first game of it.
Denver + Miami + Oklahoma + Indiana to win, 2.00 odds – 7 units play – Pinnacle

LA Clippers – Memphis Grizzlies

I will put my trust in the Grizzlies both for this game and for this series.
Memphis simply a better team, that faces a better player.
If you remove best player in Memphis and best player in LAC, this one ends with a 4 – 0 sweep and Memphis winning 2 of the 4 at least, by double digits.
CP3 won the series last season for the Clippers and won two of the three games between the teams this season for them as well.
I know that Clippers won in Memphis playing without CP3, but this game was a huge mess, with CP3 suddenly missing the game, Gay suddenly flying to funeral and both teams played not with the roster they thought they will play nor against a roster they thought they will play.
Memphis that waited so long for revenge, was just devastated by the fact that CP3 won’t play and had to wait to the game in Staples Center to finally get their revenge.
Memphis front court owns Clippers front court. Gasol and Z-Bo against Griffin and Jordan? Who let the kids play in grown men’s game?
Prince is such a huge upgrade from Gay, both defensive wise and shot selection wise. Prince isn’t the scorer that Gay is, but Gay is a volume shooter, that puts up a lot of shots, while Prince scores less, but shoots even lesser.
CP3 and the bench are huge advantages for the Clippers.
CP3 can carry this team in to the next round, no doubt even.
He is that good and everything that Memphis thrown at him, he proved he can handle.
But can he win alone, two series in a row, against one of the best teams in the league, for two seasons straight?
I just doubt that he can.
I also think that Prince, another option that can guard CP3, can actually be too much, even for the best PG in the league right now.
Memphis should wrap it up in 6 – 7 games.
Memphis to win the series, 2.67 odds – 10 units play – Pinnacle

Best of luck everybody!!!

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