NBA Subscription Picks Tuesday Night 21/05/13

Game 2, after Game 1 massacre tonight and it should be a really interesting one.

SA Spurs – Memphis Grizzlies

Game 1 went as expected. Parker dominated the floor, just like he did in the four games in regular season, while Z-Bo was a no show, just like in regular season.
Two main factors decided the outcome of the game. First, Memphis terrible perimeter defense. Hollins knows it, addressed it and I believe that the best defensive team in the West, won’t allow such a performance another time.
Second reason, Memphis terrible execution on offense, especially many dumb turnovers. Unforced errors, bad decisions, they just looked unprepared for the game and after losing Game 1 in the first two rounds, the feeling was that they not even looking to win Game 1 anymore.
Very dangerous approach facing the Spurs, but I do believe that Memphis team will react tonight, just like every good zig zag theory in the playoffs does.
The fact that Spurs already had one high scoring game in regular season, when they won by 20 points over Memphis and it didn’t mean much, adds to the confidence here.
To do that, they need to play much better defense.
Memphis needs to stop the Spurs below 95 points in order to win.
I don’t see any reason why they should fail to do just that.
I’m not sure if Memphis will win this one, but I see both teams scoring around 90 points, so clear value in Under 93.5 points for the Spurs bet.
91 – 87 sounds about right for this game.
Spurs Under 93.5 points, 1.91 odds – 7 units play – WillHill
Memphis to win the series, 3.17 odds – 4 units play – Pinnacle

Best of luck everybody!!!

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