NBA Subscription Picks Tuesday Night 26/02/13

Today we got a day with many games, including few that caught my attention.





Dallas Mavericks – Milwaukee Bucks
Chicago Bulls – Cleveland Cavaliers
Indiana Pacers – Golden State Warriors

Both teams need the wins. Dallas players vowed that they won’t shave till their team is back to 50% record. They are 5 games below this number and if they will lose such games as home game to Milwaukee, they won’t shave till next season.
Dallas plays well at the moment and their loss to the Lakers was a loss that couldn’t have been avoided.
Bucks on the other hand, sit 4 games advantage above Sixers that are in the 9th place in the East (and tie breaker advantage) and 2.5 games below Boston that are on the 7th place in the East.
They maybe have a shot to move to the 7th place, but I doubt it and I would think that it’s better to get blown from the playoffs by the Heat, than by Pacers. Less humiliating.
No doubt in my mind that the motivation factor is clearly favoring the Mavs here.
As for Chicago, they are half a game behind Hawks and Brooklyn in the battle for 4 – 6 places. 4th place will give them home court advantage in the first round and I believe that Bulls will give their best to get there.
Cleveland are terrible on the road, terrible playing against their division and simply a very mediocre team.
Teams met three times this season and Bulls won all three in double digits (26, 10 and 29 points difference).
Just don’t see any reason why it would change.
I’m a bit worried about Granger’s return. He was awful in his first game back and sometimes, star’s return can disrupt a rhythm of a team, especially when another star grew in his position (George).
Having said that, I was really not impressed by GSW latest road games and home games as well. Aside from a good game against the Spurs, GSW been playing poorly and I think that they started hot and it only makes sense that statistics bounce back and that is not around 50% road team, not even close.
Pacers have the battle for the 1 – 3 places in the East and they in good form and great home record.
Dallas + Chicago to win, 1.93 odds – 5 units play – WillHill
Dallas + Chicago + Indiana to win – 2.49 odds – 5 units play – WillHill
Dallas -5.5, 1.92 odds – 4 units play – Pinnacle
Chicago -7, 1.95 odds – 4 units play – Pinnacle
Indiana -8, 1.95 odds – 4 units play – Pinnacle

Best of luck everybody!!!

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