NBA Subscription Picks Wednesday Night 06/03/13

Today we got no less than 14 games, so big card ahead of us.

NO Hornets – LA Lakers

As I wrote before, one of the main reasons, why I played the Lakers last night, was because I knew I have a safety net to fall back on.
Tonight Lakers won’t allow themselves, to go back to 2 games behind 500%, after working so hard to get back to 500% and won’t allow Utah, Houston and GSW to run away from them.
NO finished their season, as their loss to Orlando at home clearly indicates.
Slight worry about Kobe and Artest getting injured, so not a max units play, but close to it.
Lakers -1, 1.95 odds – 9 units play – Pinnacle

Indiana Pacers – Boston Celtics
SA Spurs – Chicago Bulls
LA Clippers – Milwaukee Bucks
Charlotte Bobcats – Brooklyn Nets

I believe that despite it being very big parlay of no less than 4 teams, it will win at least in 6 out of 10 times, so with 2.30 odds, I like my chances here.
Pacers and Boston is a big game for both teams, but much more for Pacers that lost 3 in a row to Boston, including this season and would like to win this one, as preparation for the first round series between them.
On top of that, Boston sucks in B2B games, though got plenty of rest for this one and I see Pacers winning this one and easily.
As for the Nets, Cats come off a trip and the last thing they could care about is a basketball game.
Nets on the other hand, lost few too many and need to rebound quickly and can’t think of a better rival to do it against, than the Bobcats.
Clippers loss to Oklahoma means that they are 2 games behind the Thunder, but also only two games ahead of Memphis and three games ahead of Denver.
They play really tough game in Denver tomorrow and they just must win tonight, otherwise, they can find themselves in 24 hours tied with Memphis for the 3 – 4 spots in the West and just a game ahead of Denver.
Spurs and Bulls know each other very well and played a lot of great games.
Last year, Bulls swept the Spurs. This season, it’s Spurs turn to sweep. Bulls without Gibson, Hinrich and Rip and still without Rose. Spurs without Parker, but got more than enough even without him.

Spurs + Nets + Pacers + Clippers to win, 2,30 odds – 7 units play – Ladbrokes
Spurs -8, 1.94 odds – 4 units play – Pinnacle
Nets -9, 1.91 odds – 4 units play – Pinnacle
Pacers -9, 1.95 odds – 4 units play – Pinnacle


Best of luck everybody!!!

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