Tuesday Night NBA 05/11/13

Many games in the league tonight and one caught my eye and I decided to post it here.

Toronto Raptors – Miami Heat

Heat play without Bosh, but that just means that they won’t play around and will focus on winning. 2 – 2 record is not what Heat were hoping to start the season with and a loss will put them below 50%.
It’s true that Gay just loves to play LeBron, but on the other side, since the big trio came to Miami, they haven’t lost to Toronto yet.
The line is a bit borderline, but Heat usually switch it on all of a sudden against the Raptors and finish the game within one quarter.
I expect here to be no different.
Heat -5, 1.98 odds – 5 units play – Pinnacle

Denver Nuggets – San Antonio Spurs

This is just a lean, but you got to lean the Spurs in this game in my eyes.
Nuggets play very mediocre basketball so far this season, while Spurs play very decently.
Both teams got some rest before this game and I expect both teams to give full effort and bottom line, Spurs are just the better team at this point of the season (and overall).
I really didn’t like the changes that Denver went through this season and I expect Spurs to take full advantage of that.
Having said that, still, it’s always dangerous to play against Denver at home, especially when they are 4 points dogs at home.
Spurs -4 as a lean only.


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Best of luck everybody!!!

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