Bet365 Review

bet365logoLive betting becomes more and more popular and it is important to have bookie which has great live line to hedge some of your bets or get better positions at in-play. Bet365 is just great bookie in terms of live betting and also has one of the best line for those gamblers who like small markets. Sure, there are some weak points (I will list them in this Bet365 review) too but I am sure that at this moment Bet365 must be included into your bookies list.

Design & Usability

Bet365 has its own design which I like very much. Sometimes you need to be fast to get nice position (at in-play for example) and Bet365 has everything you need in 1 or 2 clicks from main page. It is just a matter of time when you will start feel this website with closed eyes.

Points: 10/10

Odds Review

Unfortunately odds is a weak point of Bet365. And I would not recommend to use Bet365 as all-in-one bookie. On big markets (Euroleague, NBA, Spain) you can get 1.92-1.92 odds, but on small markets (Sweden, Hungary and so on), or additional markets (player totals, quarters and so on) they offer 1.83-1.83 line and this surely a self-killing in the distance.

If you bet on top markets only – Bet365 might be a good choice, because normally only Pinnacle and asians might offer better odds for big markets. But if you specialize in betting on niche markets, player totals, quarters and half betting – than maybe it’s better to think twice if you want to bet with Bet365 odds.

Points: 7/10

Line & Market Choice

Basketball line at Bet365 is one of the best in Europe. They do offer small markets like French ProB or Czech League and all major competitions. Basketball line at Bet365 is open for bets early in the morning or 24 hrs before the match. Many bookmakers fear to open lines so early.

Bet365 offers nice volume of additional markets in their basketball line. Surely, this happens only for big markets and only few hours left before tip off, but you can bet on quarters, player total, team totals and many others things.

Points: 10/10

Live Betting

Live betting is the main source of Bet365 income. They are probably the best live bookmaker in the world. What I really like at Bet365 is that they offer tons of basketball events in-play and you can bet on additional markets during the match.

But the only disadvantage of Bet365 live betting are low odds. At in play they offer 1.86-1.86 line and this is not bad comparing to many other bookies, but could be higher at least for handicap and totals where most bets are done. Sure, it is good for them to accept bets with such high margin but we should be really sharp to hit decent percentage of winning bet to be in plus on the distance. But on other side at this moment it is impossible to find another bookies with such live offer on basketball events.

And one thing I should not forgot. Bet365 has the right to show Euroleague matches live for their clients so you can watch Euroleague games there and do bets. Basketball events live streaming is another big advantage of Bet365.

Points: 10/10


Few years ago Bet365 had low limits for basketball events. Now seems that those times are over. You can feel yourself quite comfortable with bets under 300 USD on all markets. On big markets maximums are similar to Pinnacle , but I after winning some really big bets you account will be limited (Pinnacle never limits).

Maybe such high maximums are mostly for advertising purposes to attract big sums from amateurs. When Bet365 traders will understand that you are sharp player, they will do what they have to do. But don’t worry the same scheme works in most places.

Anyway, Bet365 limits will satisfy most punters needs (until account will be limited).

Points: 9/10

Bet365 Liability

Honestly speaking liability is under question. I have friends who bet large sums, who can’t bet at Bet365 due the limited accounts. But most of most my contacts are absolutely satisfied with Bet365, but I don’t know their maximums and winnings history.

Also I like bookies who respect their clients. Bet365 regulary (about once per 3 month) gives free $20 bet. Not a big money but nice sign of respect to loyal customers. Also they provide nice bonuses on deposit and accumulators.

So Bet365 may limit your account and you should be prepared for this mentally, when you open account there. But at least they will wait few months to understand how dangerous you are for them. Other bookies may limit your maximum bets ir days or weeks.

Points: 8/10

Bet365 Review Conclusion

I would recommend Bet365 for:

  • major leagues betting;
  • players with average stake is less than 300-500 USD;
  • live-betting;
  • quarters, halves totals & handicaps betting (on niche markets too);

I would not recommend Bet365 for:

  • sharp players with big stakes (go to Pinnacle);
  • for niche markets bettors (due the low odds);

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