Pinnacle Sports Review

Pinnacle Sports LogoIf you think that you are close to professional level in betting and you don’t have account in Pinnacle Sports than don’t tell others that you are expert in betting. The reason is simple without Pinnacle Sports you are missing so much money on distance that is hard to underestimate my words. And this is not an advertising hoop or my own opinion this is simply the true. After reading Pinnacle Sports review below you will understand why it is worth to have account there.

Design & Usability

Pinnacle Sports have different design than most European bookies. You will need time to adapt to their design, layout and account menu. But this process will not last long so very soon you will be feeling there quite comfortable.


One of the reasons why I decided to write this Pinnacle Sports review for those who bet on basketball is their odds. Let me know if you will find another bookie which has lower margin than Pinnacle Sports for all sports. On basketball events they offer 2.5% margin line which means you will get 1.952-1.952 odds on each handicap or total. This is just enormous odds comparing to market average which is 4.8% in the best case.

Pinnacle Sports is a current leader in odds industry and at this moment there are no competitors for them in this field. Other bookies are trying to get their customers by offering different handicap and total to get action with them.  

Pinnacle Sports Basketball betting

 Market Choice

Few years ago Pinnacle Sports reviews have mentioned that the weak side is that their basketbal lines is not so wide and this was a chance for other bookies to compete with them. But in last 2 years Pinnacle did a great job on hiring new personnel and now they have almost every league you need for betting on basketball. Surely for small markets they have low limits as all bookies.


Pinnacle Sports do not offer additional markets in their line in most cases and this is another spot where other bookies have advantage over them. If you like to bet on team and players total Pinnacle is not for you. This bookie is ok only for those who bet on money line, handicap and total markets.

Live Betting

Live betting is not the league where Pinnacle Sports want to compete. Most Pinnacle Sports reviews do not mention than live betting line because generealy speaking it does not exist. Their business is build around sharp players and syndicates who bet big money before event have started.

However, Pinnacle Sports offers live line for choosen NBA, Euroleague and Endesa League matches but I have never placed a live bet there and there are hundreds of bookies who has much better lines for in-play bets in basketball than Pinnacle Sports.


What I hate in most of the bookies is that you never know the limits until you click place a bet.  Only after placing a bet you will know how much bookie can accept now and how much will be pending for review. At Pinnacle Sports you always can see what are the limits for this market  at this moment and be sure that they will raise limit when market become stable.

On small markets like Spanish LEB, Lithuanian League usually at the moment of opening limit is around 70-100 dollars. Few hours later limits will raise up to 300 USD. For average to small markets (Russia, Baltic League, Japan, Czech Republic and so on) you can easily bet up to $420 when line is stable. Big markets like Spain Endesa League, France, Italy easily accept bets up to $2800 and higher. Top markets like Euroleague have limits up to $7000 and NBA lines at Pinnacle Sports can accept $10000 bets on total and money line and up to $20000 on handicap. Surely, Pinnacle Sports reserves the right to amend minimum/maximum limits at its sole discretion and these numbers can slightly differ.

Deposit and Withdrawal Process

You can deposit funds to Pinnacle Sports with many popular ways (credit cards, bank wires, checks) but also they work with 3rd party payment systems like Moneybookers, Webmoney, Moneta, Neteller and some others. All deposits are easy to process and fast.

The bad thing about Pinnacle Sports which often is not mentioned in Pinnacle Sports reviews is their withdrawal process.  The problem is that you can have only ONE free withdrawal per calendar month. For each additional withdrawal you must pay $15 fee per each withdrawal transaction.

The good thing about Pinnacle Sports withdrawal process that you can get your funds within 30 minutes after withdrawal if its sum less than $3000.

Other bookies do not ask to pay for withdrawal and this is another point where competitors can attack Pinnacle because in questions of quality, odds and limits most of the bookies are at least one level above them.


Here is the quote from Pinnacle Sports About us page: 

Unlike our competitors we actively welcome winners. We aren’t afraid of successful players, we need them. Our model requires the volume that serious bettors bring, and the betting behavior of sharp bettors informs us, giving us the confidence to provide the best odds and highest betting limits online.

 And I can only agree with each letter in this quote. Pinnacle Sports will never cut your limits because you win there as many bookies do. They need winners, they are looking for winner and if you are the winner don’t miss opportunity to open account at Pinnacle Sports.

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